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Hi! We are Barbara and Marco (and Istadarium).

We’ve been working in the world of advertising and communication graphics for some years, to be precise since January 16th 1998 and monoica is our agency.

For quite some time we’ve been reasoning about some projects to develop on our own and one in particular has drawn attention to itself, Istadarium is its name and it has called us back to work taking us back to the territory from which we had started, that of graphics and typographic printing when the web wasn't there yet.
But the digital world is not excluded from the project, it is a key element, and the Instagram community is the starting point without which the project would not exist.


Istadarium, this unknown object.

Istadarium is a calendar, an object, a gift. It contains a photo for every day of the year, photos are taken by our selected Instagram users, and the photos have a common theme: Italy.

The idea is to collect a testimony of how our country is seen today through the eyes of all of us who often look well beyond the horizon.


If you want more information about the project, if you are a potential photographer and would like to apply for it, if you are a bookkeeper who wants to make an order, or another store, or someone interested, you can contact us using this mail. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Thank you.