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Istadarium is a photographic table calendar. The theme of the calendar is Italy. The photos are selected by us among Instagram users, the vast majority are not professional photographers, but people who do something else in life. Through them we have wanted to pay homage to our country that we all love.
To accompany the photo, a short text in Italian and English, written by the person who gave us the photo.

On the editions page you can find the previous years of the calendar.
The current year is published 3 months late.
On our Instagram and Facebook profiles we publish daily the photo of the calendar of the previous year.


To participate you must have an Instagram profile and photos that speak of Italy and then leave your application here. We will evaluate every proposal that reaches us, if you are selected we will contact you.


The photo will be used:
- in the paper calendar
- in social networks
- on the website in the dedicated section
In some cases, some photos may be used to convey and make the calendar known, such as a presentation for a bookshop, for a journalist, for a potential buyer.

Yes. All property rights remain with you. If you are selected we will ask you for a release to use it.


Participation is completely free.


For the 365 participants we give an extra copy for every order they make.

The cover price is € 24.50.
There are promotional code that we communicated on the site and on our communication circuit (social and email).
For those who participate we have a special price in addition to the added copy.

Shipping to Europe costs € 13
Shipping is free over € 50

We use the Stripe payment platform which supports the VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO and AMERICAN EXPRESS circuits
Alternatively, you can make a transfer. In this case the shipment will start after receiving the payment.

Istadarium is sold online through our website.
The 2021 edition will be distributed for the first time in Italy's bookstores nationwide. A list of the main libraries will be made public as soon as they are available.

The fulfillment of the order takes 2/3 days, the courier delivers on average in 48 hours.
During the period December / January these times can be extended.

The courier delivers throughout Italy and Europe.