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365 Instagramers, 365 photos, 1 calendar

Istadarium: the calendar of Italy.

Surfing among Instagram profiles in order to find the photos that tells about Italy we have found the pictures that represent the point of view of our “Bel Paese” (Italy) through the eyes of common people in a cross-section of our virtues and our vices.

The protagonists

365 Instagram users with a passion for photography and with Italy in their hearts. Not professional photographers, apart from some, but people like all of us, professors, students, workers, employees, artisans, unemployed and many others, who are committed to improving themselves every day and to improve the country in which we live.

How it’s made.

Istadarium is made of a cardboard sleeve with four different color finishes and a block of 768 pages with color print and cover. The block easily opens at 180°. The pages can be torn.

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